The car as I bought it in 2015.
Interior removed and sold.
Factory Xenon’s removed and replaced with pattern parts.
Interior sound deadening/tar removed.
Surfaces cleaned ready for paint.
Interior sprayed Arctic blue to match exterior.
BC Racing BR Series Coilovers fitted with 7Kg front & 8Kg rear springs.
I matched the upper and lower inlet manifolds to allow to better airflow, these are often very far out from where they should be from the factory.
Gearbox and Oil fluids changed with Elf NFJ 75W-80 & Gulf Competition 5W-40, also changed the plugs with NGK PFR6E-10’s and fitted a new set of HT leads.
Replaced drivers airbag and steering wheel with a OMP 330 GP, also removed the passengers airbag and de-coded the airbag ECU to stop any dash warning lights.
Factory aircon removed and replaced with a Clio 172 Cup setup.
Fitted Kangoo upper and lower engine mounts and flushed the coolant.
Fitted a second hand ‘Caged’ branded cage which were previously used on the Palmersport MSV Clios.
Replacement dog bone mount fitted with poly bushes.
Rear wiper removed.
Cup racer inspired track headlights created from a non-working set.
Visited Mark Fish Motorsport for my OE 182 Cat to be modded and a have a full geo setup.
Whiteline ARB fitted, really rate these.

Had Alex White fit a set of 421 Catcam’s along with a waterpump, cambelt kit & a set of Goodridge braided brake lines.
Engine Dynamics created a custom remap after the 421 Catcam’s were installed, in addition to this they installed a set of Clio 197 injectors as the standard 182 items were at 95% duty.
Sprayed and fitted a Wiechers Sport rear upper strut brace along with spraying the cage to match.
Purchased some sheets of Foamex & cut it to size also purchased some Cup Racer door spacers and blue pull cords to finish it off.
Dunlop DZ03G’s to fit to the Pro Race 1.2s.
Fitted a set of PBS front and rear pads along with Brembo HC discs.
Fitted Puremotorsport 10mm rear hub spacers and -1.0 camber shims.
Refreshed all the standard callipers with a lick of gloss black paint, fitted Ti front shims and re-greased the sliders.
Refreshed all the standard callipers with a lick of gloss black paint and re-greased the sliders.
Fitted a ‘MarkB’ custom made battery cover to hopefully stop abit of heat soak.
Removed, cut and repainted my cup racer brake ducts allowing air directly towards the calipers.
Fitted a PowerLite PS-09 Lithium Ion battery to replace the standard item, weighing only 1.4kg its an easy way to save best part of 10kg from the standard item.
Fitted a Nimbus Heatsheild to help stop as much heat soak onto the brake fluid reservoir. brass bushes fitted to help stiffen up the somewhat sloppy standard gear change
Pure Motorsport reinforced wishbones with spherical bearings and new balls joints along with Powerflex inner and outer Powerflex bushes fitted
This area is very common to rust due to the arch liner keeping the moisture & road debris in place, I thoroughly cleaned, sanded, rust proofed and re-sprayed the area to prolong the life of the metal.
Fitted Corvette brake ducts, almost a perfect fit but did need some slight modifying to avoid rubbing on full lock.
Fitted Corvette brake ducts, almost a perfect fit but did need some slight modifying to avoid rubbing on full lock.
Changed my air filter from the standard KTEC Ramair foam filter to a K&N as I wasn’t happy with the amount of grit coming through it despite cleaning and oiling it once a year!
Fitted a set of DS1.11 pads to replace the old PBS ones, first impressions are extremely positive.
Vibra-Technics Upper Engine and Gearbox mounts fitted
AST 5100 Series Coilovers fitted